Quick Start
Guide To Bidding

Your First Steps

You will need to register as a bidder in order to bid on our website, to do this simply CLICK HERE registration is free.

If you are already a registered user, simply CLICK HERE to login.

After You Log In

The first time you register and login to the website, you will be redirected to the My Auctions page, which is the central hub for the management of your auction activity.  Simply click the My Auctions button that is always visible on the navigation menu (top right of page) to access this page at any time. A screenshot of the My Auctions page in your Timeless Auctions account is shown below.

IMPORTANT: You need to confirm your registration by clicking on an automated registration link that will be emailed to you soon after you register. If you do not confirm your registration, you will still automatically be able to access the website immediately after registration but you will not be able to do so on your second visit.

Screenshot Of My Auctions And My Account Page

The My Account Tabs

The My Account tabs are used to navigate through your account and to edit your personal details and information.

The My Auctions Tabs

You will find the following tabs on the My Auctions page:

My Active Auctions  – you can see all the active auctions you are currently bidding on.

My Auction Activity  –  you can track all your past auction activities including past bids.

My Auction Watchlist – you can track all the auctions that you are following.

Auctions I’ve Won  –  shows all the auctions that ended with you as the highest bidder.

All live auctions can be viewed immediately below the My Auctions tabs. The live auctions shown here are not exclusive to your account.

Bid On An Auction Item

Now that you are familiar with your account and your way around our website, you can start bidding on active auctions, simply CLICK HERE to view all current active auctions.

When an auction ends, the highest bidder will win the auction and we will facilitate the safe transfer of items between participants.

The tabs below will point out important auction terms that you need to pay attention to when bidding.

The screenshot below shows what a typical currently active auction where bidding has begun looks like.

  • Point 1 shows the current highest bid followed directly by a description of the item and relevant auction details.
  • Point 2 indicates how much time is left before the auction comes to an end.
  • Point 3 indicates a Reserve Price when the seller wants to reserve the right not to sell an item below a certain price.  Depending on the seller’s preference this may not be made enabled on every auction.  In the case where an auction ends and the final bid price is below the reserve price, the seller has a right to retain their item.
  • Point 4 indicates where you enter the bid amount, it cannot be below the current bid amount shown in point 1.  In some auctions, a default bid increment amount might exist and will not allow bids to be less than the increment amount.  In this example there is a set increment value of $10, meaning you cannot bid less than $10 above the current bid.
  • Point 5 shows an option to add this bid to your watchlist which will then appear on your My Auctions admin page and allows you to follow and watch auctions that you are interested in.
  • Point 6 shows that the auctioneer has enabled a Buy Now option on this item. Should a price be listed here, the auction process can be immediately bypassed by clicking this option and committing to purchasing the item.
  • Point 7 shows an items auction history, the number of bids made, the amount for each bid and the bidders nickname.

An auction with proxy bidding (aka auto bidding) enabled, allows buyers to enter the highest possible bid amount that they are willing to pay in an auction.

The Timeless Auctions system will automatically bid up to that maximum amount and not a cent over it (at an automatic bid increment amount set by the auctioneer/seller who enabled the proxy bidding) whenever a new buyer bids higher.

If an auction has auto-bidding/proxy bidding enabled, the green button as shown in the screenshot below, will be visible.

If you see the green button indicating that proxy bidding is enabled, you can enter your maximum bid amount in the bid section like in any normal auction and your proxy bid will be entered into our system and other bidders obviously cannot see your maximum bid amount.

Read more about Proxy Bidding Auctions by CLICKING HERE