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About Timeless Auctions

An Online Auction Platform Created for Buyers & Sellers to Access Specialized Listings

Timeless Auctions provides an exclusive Zimbabwean online auction marketplace for consumers.

Timeless Auctions is currently the only specialist online auctioneer of: antiques, jewellery, watches, fine art, coins, banknotes, furniture, militaria, collectables and memorabilia.  Our professional team guarantees the integrity of the marketplace as well as the quality and authenticity of the items listed for auction.

Sellers with rare items of interest can present these to Timeless Auctions for professional estimates and assessments.  After discussions and upon consignment, items will be listed in our transparent online auction system.

With a growing database of bidders willing to pay premium prices for items in our specialised listings, we can ensure the seller gets the best possible prices.  The seller is also able to follow our listings and see what buyers are interested in paying.  Auctioning your items will always be better as potential buyers will be competing on your item/s to give you the best price.